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Regular Cleaning£20/h
Weekly Cleaning£20/h
Monthly Cleaning£20/h
One Off Cleaning£21/h

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    professional cleaningIf you have high expectations and certain criteria to which you wish your home was clean but you do not seem to be able to meet them on your own, contact our company and book our professional cleaners. We will send a team of experts who will do your house cleaning according to your demanding standards.

    Our house cleaning service is one of our most desirable services in Totteridge as it can be used by any one. Our service is always tailored to the specific needs and preferences of our customers. But what makes us the most desirable service is the fact that all of our prices are advantageous and easy on the pocket.

    When our cleaners work they pay attention to details. They follow a set of check –lists that we provide them with for every room. But you can feel more than welcome to adjust the lists according to the needs of your home. What is more, our house cleaning service can be a one-off or an on-going service.

    Let us take care of this endless pile of chores. Your time is way too valuable to always spend hours of it doing things you do not want to do. Leave the toilet disinfecting and tiles scrubbing to our specialists. They are quick and skilled and will give you top-notch results.

    You can easily contact us anytime

    Our flat cleaning services are available every seven days of the week and do not hesitate to give us a call to get free quotes. We promise to deliver high class cleaning services at highly affordable rates.

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    Our cleaning teams are trained and qualified to tackle all kinds of dirt, stains and grime. They will help you with any cleaning task – wash windows, vacuum, dust, mop, shine and polish, disinfect, etc. Your home will be sparkling clean when our team is done.

    What our clients say about us?

    I was impressed with the house cleaning service that I got from this company. I wanted to come and say that they treated me very good. Everyone was professional and the team was super diligent in their work. Plus, they do not overcharge you for little reasons. I recommend this service heartily.


    You, guys, definitely made my life way easier and saved me a lot of troubles. I moved out from my rental place without any problems thanks to your end of tenancy cleaning services. Your cleaners arrived just on the dot and finished the job on time for the inspection. Everything went as you promised- smoothly!


    Trust us and book our house cleaning service, we are the best in Totteridge and we will not disappoint you.

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