Regular Domestic Cleaning London

regular-cleaning-1Coping with both career and household duties is an almost impossible task to do. If you use our regular domestic cleaning services, you can have your home maintained in a perfect condition. Our cleaning workers are specializes in cleaning of different houses and apartments and have the necessary recommendations from their previous employer. If you use our regular domestic cleaning, you will have well sanitized rooms after you come from work without any efforts.

You can meet with your cleaning maid and explain her your requirements, regarding the cleaning tasks you want done in your home. After you show her your apartment or house, Flat Cleaning Services can arrange the frequency, the time and details, concerning your regular domestic cleaning. This meeting will be free of charge and will help you receive the service you want. You won’t need to clean any more after reserving our regular domestic cleaning. Your cleaning maid will look after the cleanness of your home.

Domestic Cleaning
Regular Cleaning£20/h
Weekly Cleaning£20/h
Monthly Cleaning£20/h
One Off Cleaning£21/h

Our regular domestic cleaning services may include:

  • Vacuum cleaning the carpets
  • Mopping and drying the uncovered floor
  • Removing the dust and wiping all wooden and other surfaces, wardrobes, cupboards, tables, chairs, shelvesand etc.
  • Dusting the surfaces of all kitchen electrical and other appliances form the inside and outside
  • Cleaning of windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces
  • Fully disinfecting and scrubbing the toilets and bathrooms

You can order additional domestic cleaning tasks to be included in your regular domestic cleaning. You can also choose how many hours you need your house cleaned and how often do you want your maid to do the cleaning. It’s up to you to determine what do you want cleaned, when and how often. Our company is flexible and tries to provide exactly what each customer needs.

You can easily contact us anytime

Our flat cleaning services are available every seven days of the week and do not hesitate to give us a call to get free quotes. We promise to deliver high class cleaning services at highly affordable rates.

Book a cleaner

Using our regular domestic cleaning services, you can have more time to do the really important things you need to do. You no longer have to hurry and try to do your domestic cleaning as fast as possible to be able to finish your additional tasks. You can also feel free to invite guest in your home more often. The remarkably clean condition of the rooms of your home will certainly impress them.

Call us, reserving your regular domestic cleaning and you will have more free time and less work. Our services are provided on very competitive price. Don’t miss our proposal and keep your home in a wonderfully clean condition using our regular domestic cleaning services.