Mattress Cleaning

mattress-cleaningIf you order our mattress cleaning, you can save your health from different diseases and irritations, caused by dust and spider mites, fungus, flees and ticks. Regular mattress cleaning will not only ensure you a well maintained and fully disinfected bed, but also extend the life of your mattress.

It is recommended to do mattress cleaning at least every six months to make sure you keep your mattress in a clean and bacteria free condition.

All conditions like asthma, eczema and irritations on the skins will be relieved after we provide the steam cleaning of your mattresses. People with such problems will have a better sleep and less complaints. Our modern machines for hot water extraction kill and remove all mites, fungus, bed bugs, fleas, ticks and bacteria, making your mattress dry at the same time.

Domestic Cleaning
Regular Cleaning£20/h
Weekly Cleaning£20/h
Monthly Cleaning£20/h
One Off Cleaning£21/h

Our mattress cleaning procedures include:

  • Pre-treatment of all stains and soiled areas in your mattress
  • Efficient stain removing system
  • Professional steam cleaning of your mattress
  • Successful extraction of all dust and spider mites, dust, dirt, bacteria, fungus, dander, mould, flees, ticks, bed bugs etc.
  • Deodorising of all cleaned mattresses for finalizing the cleaning process

You will have perfectly cleansed mattresses with fully extracted sources of contamination. Your mattress will be deodorized and smell nice, staying protected form later infection with microbes. The deep steam cleaning will make your mattress completely safe for your health and flawlessly clean. See our prices.

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Our flat cleaning services are available every seven days of the week and do not hesitate to give us a call to get free quotes. We promise to deliver high class cleaning services at highly affordable rates.

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Our mattress mattress-cleaning1cleaning technicians will remove every stain from your mattress, applying the most appropriate detergent for removing stains. Flat Cleaning Services have success in removing stains from red wine, grease, coffee, ink etc. With the help of our eco-friendly stain removing solutions, you will have a spotless mattress looking amazing. After that your mattress will be deodorized and smelling fine.

Using our reliable staff for cleaning your mattress, you can sleep in a healthy bed with no dangers from different microbes, causing all kinds of respiratory problems, skin irritations and other health issues. All the dander, mites, fungus, mould, fleas and ticks will be killed and removed from your mattress, disinfecting it well. After our cleaning team removes all droppings and dust from your mattress, you will enjoy a longer sleep and less insomnia problems.

Our steam cleaning and stain removing procedures will make your mattress clean and dry. Mattresses have the tendency to gather around half of the dust from your home. Using our mattress cleaning services you can safe your mattress from getting dirty and dangerous to your health. Book our services and you won’t be disappointed.