Cleaning and maintenance of vintage clothes

If you love hunting for vintage clothes, you certainly are used to going around second-hand shops and garage sales. Those places have a lot of hidden gems that are simply waiting for you to find them and give them new life. Second-hand clothes can be extremely inexpensive; if you find a well-maintained designer piece, you should take advantage of it.
However, second-hand clothes have already been worn by other people so you should disinfect and wash them once you bring them home. If you find brand-new garments, you should also wash them to eliminate excess dyes and other chemical treatments.
If the piece of clothing has a funny smell, mould and mildew may be present. Follow the cleaning methods listed below to properly clean your vintage clothing and be able to enjoy it.
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Get rid of salt stains from shoes, carpets, and clothes

In winter, salt is used on the streets and sidewalks in order to melt ice. It contains calcium and magnesium carbonate that can leave white streaks on fabrics and shoes, once they dry on their surface.
Salt stains are relatively easy to get rid of, however, if not treated on time, they can damage certain fabrics such as silk and wool. To prevent that from happening, wipe down your shoes, jackets, or bags as soon as you get home. It is the easiest to get rid of salt stains from pants. To attack them before they have time to occur, take your pants off as soon as you get home and toss them in the washing machine. To prevent damage and discolouration, brush the salt stains as soon as they appear on your clothes or shoes.
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Cleaning and caring for your suede jacket

suede jacket
A suede jacket can be a beloved part of anyone’s wardrobe. This type of jacket is expensive but soft, luxurious, and quite fancy. Unfortunately, their fuzzy surface is perfect for attracting dust, grime, and other dirt.
While suede is a great material, its thorough cleaning must be performed by a professional that knows how to deal with leather. If you want to do a quick brushing or light cleaning, however, you can do that at home, as long as you are careful. The key to success in such a situation is knowing the right method of cleaning. Always check your fabric care label (some coats appear to be made of real suede but are actually constructed of synthetic fibres (microsuede). While certain synthetic suedes can be machine washed, always read the label first) and never attempt any type of cleaning without doing a test in a small inconspicuous area of the suede first. We will show you how to tackle stains and get rid of small amounts of grime. Keep reading and follow the steps listed below to maintain your suede jacket in a clean condition without causing any damage to its surface.
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How to properly clean your rubber flooring

Rubber flooring has the advantage of being exceedingly durable and requires minimal maintenance. Because of its durable yet yielding structure, most liquids will not discolour or damage the surface, and it is generally difficult to damage the material with physical force. Rubber flooring is extremely resistant to burns and does not allow mould or mildew to grow. Dirt and debris settle gently on the surface of the rubber, making the floor simple to clean.
rubber tiles are used in a wide range of difficult environments, including kitchens, bathrooms, hospitals, playgrounds, and gyms. However, certain basic cleaning and maintenance measures must be performed regularly to maintain the floor disinfected and looking its best. If your rubber flooring was installed with adhesive, you should not clean it for at least 72 hours following installation to allow the adhesive to take hold. After three full days, the installation is complete and the floor can be treated normally.

Keep reading to find out what is the best way to take care of rubber flooring.
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Cleaning sequin clothes

With the holiday season at its end, you probably already wore your best, dazzling sequined clothing. Stunning garments or home accessories need to be cleaned in order to maintain their fantastic looks. If you wore your New Year’s Eve outfit and are about to clean it, keep reading to find out how to do that in the best way possible without causing any damage.
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How to clean burnt pots and pans easily

It has happened to everyone. You left the food on the stove for too long, or used the wrong pan – it all results in a horrible burnt, hard-to-remove mess that no one likes to deal with. While some new high-tech pots and pans have a special coating that allows you to clean them with a simple wipe, regular utensils are much harder to clean up. Cleaning those can be tricky especially because you need to scrub hard enough to be able to remove the grime but not too hard to scratch the surface of your pot. Steel wool, for example, should never be used on non-stick pots and pans.
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Cleaning white wine and champagne stains

If you are a wine lover, you probably know that spills are quite a common occurrence. While stains are never welcome, white wine and champagne stains are one of the easiest to remove. Obviously, you would rather have a white wine stain than a red wine one. Even though they are pretty easy to remove and quite light in colour, it is best to begin treating those stains as soon as possible. Always check the care label of the fabric you are about to be cleaning and never place the garment in the dryer before the stain is completely gone – the heat may set the stain and make it hard to remove or even permanent.
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Cleaning tips for a vacation rental

When you think of your summer vacation rental, you undoubtedly think of marketing or redecorating your property and other strategies to keep your place fully booked throughout the summer. Whether it is a word of mouth or a digital review, how well guests rate your summer rental has a lot to do with your turnover cleaning ability. To earn 5 stars for your vacation rental, you must treat it as if it was a luxury 5-star hotel, especially when it comes to cleaning. Any dirt, grime, stains, or even a few hairs left in vital areas like beds, toilets, showers, and kitchens, may irritate guests and negatively impact their final review.
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Blood stain removal: What works and what does not

Blood stains are not uncommon. If you are naturally clumsy or fall a lot, or do a lot of sports, you will have to deal with blood stains a lot. If you have struggled with getting rid of them, read this article to find out what are the best methods to use when cleaning such a mess and how to make sure the stain is gone for good.

Blood stains are protein-based and there are some special steps you can take in order to help their cleaning and prevent them from setting deep into the fabric. For example, washing a blood-stained fabric with hot water should be avoided at all costs. The heat will only cook the protein and become hard to remove or even permanent. Here are some of the best solutions when it comes to blood stain removal:
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Awesome cleaning hacks for lazy people

lazy girl
Cleaning is not a favourite activity for most people. However, some of us are especially lazy when it comes to tackling household chores. Unfortunately, those are inevitable. However, we have some amazing tips that will help the laziest people make things easier and accomplish the best in little to no time.
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