Cleaning sequin clothes

With the holiday season at its end, you probably already wore your best, dazzling sequined clothing. Stunning garments or home accessories need to be cleaned in order to maintain their fantastic looks. If you wore your New Year’s Eve outfit and are about to clean it, keep reading to find out how to do that in the best way possible without causing any damage.

The method you should use when cleaning sequined things will be determined by the fabric underneath the sequins, as well as the way in which the garment is constructed. Before attempting any cleaning, make sure you check the care label of the fabric and follow any specific instructions on it. While some sequined clothes can be machine or hand-washed, some of them should only be dry-cleaned. Pay attention to those instructions.

While gentle washing will most likely not harm the sequins, it may cause damage to the base fabric underneath. A sequined jacket, for example, has interfacings that give it structure and when wet, will cause the jacket to lose shape. Another important fact you should keep in mind is whether the sequins are glued or threaded. Most glues used to connect sequins are waterproof and will withstand light hand washing. Keep in mind, however, that some glues will melt when they come in contact with dry cleaning solutions. If you are uncertain about the method you should choose, it is best to bring your garment to a professional dry cleaner that will know exactly how to approach any fabric.

How to wash sequin clothes

  1. Check the item and prepare it for cleaning – Look for surface stains on the garment or cushion. If present, these stains should be treated by dabbing a cotton swab dipped in a mixture of mild dishwashing liquid and warm water. With the swab, try to penetrate beneath the sequins and clean any filth on the surface of the sequins.
    If machine-washing the sequin fabric, wash it inside out. That way you will protect the sequins. If possible, unzip and remove the sequin cover from the decorative pillows. For extra care, place the sequin clothing in a mesh laundry bag.
  2. Cleaning the sequin fabric
    • Hand-washing – Hand-washing is the most gentle and undoubtedly the best way to clean a sequined shirt, sweater, pillow, or blanket. Turn the garment inside out and button or zip all openings. Fill a large tub or basin with lukewarm water with a few drops of gentle detergent added to it. Submerge the item completely and swish it around in the water. Do not scrub too harshly and never wring the clothes too firmly. Excessive pressure can cause the sequins to break or bend. Let the item soak in the solution for at least 5 minutes. Drain the soapy water and fill the basin with clean water. Rinse the garment until there is no soapy residue. Squeeze all of the water out.
    • Machine-washing – If the care label allows machine washing, use the gentle cycle and cold water temperature. Set the spin cycle to the slowest setting to avoid damage. Use a mild detergent and never use bleach or fabric softener. Turn the garment inside out and zip or button all openings. Place the sequined fabric in a mesh laundry bag before cleaning it in the machine.
  3. Dry the clothing – No matter how you wash the garment, skip the dryer. The high temperature may melt the sequin glue. If the item is made of woven fabric, hang it to dry or lay it flat on absorbent towels to dry.

Cleaning stains from sequin clothes

Since any type of washing can damage or dislodge the sequins, you may be able to get away with simply spot-cleaning stains. Make a solution of 1 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid and 1 cup of cold water. To remove the stain, thoroughly combine the ingredients and use a cotton swab immersed in the cleaning solution. Work between the sequins and make sure you reach the fabric underneath.
As the stain is removed, blot the stained area with a clean cloth or a paper towel. Once the stain has been removed, wipe the area with a damp cloth to rinse the fabric and remove any soapy residue. Allow the item to air dry.

Ironing sequin clothes

You should never iron sequin clothing. Even using a pressing cloth on the wrong side of the garment can cause the sequins or the sequin glue to melt. If you want to remove wrinkles, use a clothes steamer on low heat and with caution. Always steam the wrong side of the fabric.
Wrinkles and creases can also be removed in the shower. Hang your sequin garment in a humid bathroom for 30 minutes. Allow the garment to dry completely before wearing it to prevent wrinkles from reoccurring.