Awesome cleaning hacks for lazy people

lazy girl
Cleaning is not a favourite activity for most people. However, some of us are especially lazy when it comes to tackling household chores. Unfortunately, those are inevitable. However, we have some amazing tips that will help the laziest people make things easier and accomplish the best in little to no time.

1. Foil liners for everything – You can use plastic or aluminium foil to line pretty much anything. Use this trick for pans, bowls, ovens, refrigerators, or anything else you don’t feel like cleaning. Once you are done, simply peel the lining and your bowl or plate will be spotless without you cleaning them. If you are going to be using this hack for the oven, microwave, or anything else that will be heated, use aluminium foil or parchment paper. For anything else, you can use plastic.

2. Use your dishwasher – If you are a lazy person and you struggle with cleaning a lot, a dishwasher is going to be your best friend. It is amazing in terms of washing dishes (it is designed for that after all), but it can also be used for a number of other items you don’t want to be cleaning. You can use it to wash tools, toys, car parts, and even shoes. Pretty much anything plastic or dishwasher-safe can be cleaned in there.

3. Dust the house without actually dusting – If you are tired of constantly dusting but you feel like your house needs it, just put some soft socks on. Fluffy socks are a magnet for dust, hairs, and other small particles. Put on some fuzzy socks, walk around the house for a couple of days and everything will be finished in no time.

4. Clean your microwave without cleaning it – If you regularly use your microwave but cannot be bothered to clean it, it may become greasy and stinky. You don’t need to spend hours scrubbing the inside of your appliance. To remove the grease and food splatters, all you have to do is grab a bowl of water (make sure the bowl is microwave safe) and some vinegar. Mix 2 cups of water and ½ cup of vinegar in the bowl and nuke it on high. Once it is done microwaving, allow it to sit for another 5 minutes. Open the door and wipe the sides, top, and bottom with a paper towel. The steam and the vinegar will dissolve all greasy residue and help you get rid of it in no time.

5. Keep a plastic bag on the counter as you are cooking – Cleaning the kitchen after cooking is certainly not fun. Grab a plastic bag from your groceries and place it on the counter while you are preparing the food. Any rubbish, food scraps and peels can go in the bag. This will reduce the mess on your counters and will save you from cleaning it later. If you only throw organic matter in the bag, you can easily dispose of its contents in the compost pile later.

6. Make your bed while you’re still in it – If you hate making your bed in the morning, try doing it while you are still in it. If you are the type of person that has multiple alarms and keeps snoozing them, try to be awake before the last one. Grab your blanket and comforter and pull them over you. Straighten them, then get out of bed from the side.

7. Buy dark towels so stains show less – Stained towels are simply…gross. Even if the stains on them are not, a dirty towel can ruin the whole look of your bathroom. Invest in some dark towels that will not show the mascara residue or the hair dye stains you left all over them.

8. Squeegee your shower walls and door after every use – We can all agree that cleaning the bathroom is certainly one of the least pleasant chores in a household. You can reduce the need to scrub and thoroughly clean your walls by simply using a squeegee to remove the excess water from your shower walls and door. Keep it nearby and once you are done with your shower, wipe down all surfaces with it. This will reduce mineral buildup, soap scum, and other unpleasant grime that usually accumulates in the shower.

9. Invest in antimicrobial doormats – If you want to reduce the need for cleaning around the house, get yourself some anti-bacterial doormats. They will prevent bacteria and grime from entering your house. To make things even better, ask your guests and household members to take off their shoes at the door.

10. Have less stuff – If you are truly lazy and can’t get to the deep cleaning of your house, simply reduce your personal belongings. Less stuff means less cleaning and you will notice this as soon as you get rid of all the random objects in your house. Less dust will accumulate and you will have more free space that will be easier to wipe down.