How to organise your desk?

If you work in an office, you certainly have experienced the struggle to keep everything clean and organised. Apart from the weekly cleaning, there are other things you can do to improve the state of your office desk on a regular basis. Get rid of the flying sticky papers and small bits that are all over your desk. Keep reading this article to see the steps we have to share with you that will help you keep your desk in top condition.

By having your desk (no matter if you work in an office or from home) neat and organised, you will have your priorities and responsibilities in order. There are simple things you can do in order to store your office supplies, for example, that will change your workplace for good.

  1. Use trays to organise your drawers – Drawers are amazing. They hold everything that you regularly need right at the tip of your fingers. However, by not cleaning and organising your drawers, you will quickly turn them into ‘’junk drawers’’. In order to avoid that, you need to stop throwing random objects you may need in there. An important thing to do is declutter your desk drawers regularly and only store items that you need on a regular basis. Use organising trays in order to separate smaller items and prevent them from becoming a big mess.

  1. Store your items away – When you are not working or using a particular item, store it away. This goes for laptops, notepads, calendars, and anything else you may be using for work. Avoid leaving them on the desktop. That will not only prevent them from getting dusty and dirty over time but will also make your desk easy to clean with just one wipe.

  1. Pick beautiful office supplies – The aesthetics of your workplace matter. Your desk is the place where you spend most of your day and in order to feel good and energised for work, you want to create a neat, organised, and beautiful atmosphere. Pick office supplies you enjoy looking at – that will help you keep your desk area neat, clean, and well-maintained.

  1. Keep the top of your desk clear – It is good to have a few decorations to keep your spirits up. However, avoid keeping a lot of objects there. It is best to keep a plant and a lamp (if you need one when working) and keep it as simple as that. Store away items when you are not using your desk and only take them out when you need them. By keeping your desktop declutterer, you will be able to easily clean it on a regular basis, as well as prevent the dust from building up.

  1. Pick a colour/style for your office – Choosing a simple colour palette or a consistent style for your home office will help you keep everything neat and clean. You will be able to maintain the good condition of your office space and work better and with a clear mind.

  1. Keep things minimal – A bunch of sticky notes and colourful pens may be fun to have around, however they prevent your desk from being organised and clean. You should never keep anything more than what you need. Keep it simple – on top and in the drawers. Less decor and items will not only help with the cleaning of your place, it will also help you stay more focused.

  2. Stow and sort your tech supplies – In order to avoid tangled cables and misplaced batteries. It is best to store your technical supplies in designated drawers, best with cord tapes and organised by your needs. You will never waste time looking for the charger for your iPad and you will avoid those huge cable knots that take forever to untangle.

  1. Keep your paperwork organised – In movies, big business people have loads and loads of paperwork on their desks, seemingly being extremely busy. However, you don’t need to have mountains of papers and documents in order to do a good job at work. Create a system for the papers you need and regularly declutter and get rid of the ones you no longer will use or need. Stack important papers in file folders or filing cabinets. Do not keep them on your desk, they will gather dust and will distract you.

  1. Label everything – Even if you know exactly where you put things, it is best to label everything. That way, even when you are in a rush, you will not be tempted to randomly put an item in a storage box it doesn’t belong to. This step will help you stay organised, neat and make everything simple and efficient for your productive days at work.

  1. Do not eat/keep rubbish on your desk – Avoid eating on your desk and have a small rubbish bin in order to collect all that you need to dispose of. Make sure you take it out once a day (at the end of the shift). Food crumbs and particles are not very productive and inspiring, so avoid that at all costs. If you really need to, eat at the desk but always lay something down first.